Welcome to Los Angeles—the City of Angels. Personally, you wish you would see an angel so you can give him a personal message for God the next time they meet. If anything L.A. seems like a city of lost souls. Within the last ten years, you’ve seen more kin pop up in California’s last attempt at civilization. Most were fleeing the mass concentration of vampyres that have taken over the east coast and parts of the midwest. After all what better protection from that arrogant group of kin than the sun herself.

Unfortunately Los Angeles is about to change. Thanks to Stephanie Myers’ frickin’ Twilight series vampyres think they should rule Hollywood too. Their immigration has caused a stir among your fellow kin who fear vampyres are on a quest to take over Sacramento, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. Not everyone feels this way though. Some people are excited about vampyre leadership.

L.A.’s two most famous gangs takes on a whole new meaning when you’re kin. Most people believe Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams formed the Crips in 1971, but really these two thugs were just pawns in a game run by kin way older and with much longer hit lists on their tables. And the Bloods? They are nothing more than a faction of the Crips; and factions are nothing new.

So far you’ve managed to stay out of the fray. You’ve read about the drive by shootings, seen a few muggings in your days, and you know better than to go near the pink ice cream trucks. Of course, all that may change as well…

Using Stellar Game’s Nightlife system Protect the Client brings together two Animates, a Daemon, a Wyght, a Vampyre, and a Werewolf trying to protect Mr. Horus as he builds a new Hollywood Nightclub. Not everyone feels the same about this mission. Reco Aric and Taki Taki are indifferent to Mr. Horus’s existence as a vampyre. Lilly Smith needs protection from hunters dead set on killer her. Henry Morgan hates vampyres and is not happy protecting Mr. Horus. And the werewolf and his sidekick vampyre are just in it for the money.

Protect The Client!