Protect The Client!

Meeting Mr. Horus

Here we meet the first three in the campaign. Reco Aric and Taki Taki are two animates working at a Kinkos. Reco is a burned spy (think Burn Notice) who is trying to find out who burned him (no copyright infringement here…la,la,la)and Taki Taki is the doctor who had the wrong client die on his watch while trying to save a kid (think Royal Pains. These kids really like TV don’t they). This Kinkos gig is a cover job they work to hide the fact that they are still accepting freelance work from the FBI and other outside sources.

After doing all the mundane chores of an evening shift at Kinkos, they play Rock, Paper Scissors, Lizard, Spock until they are interrupted by a voice. They are slightly surprised because they did not hear the front bell chime letting them know someone was there. Yet, their surprise is over once they see Ivan’s FBI contact, a daemon named Choisisi.

He has a job. A prominent L.A. club owner has been receiving death threats. He is weeks away from opening a new club and feels it is vital to have protection since he will have to spend more time in the public eye. The first event Reco and Taki are needed at is the opening of Stephanie Meyer’s movie New Moon (we are only a year ahead of the current time). Reco and Taki accept the job; and Choisisi in his rough brotherly way tells Reco not to mess this up.

In another part of town Lilly Smith is riding her motorcycle towards downtown. She is fairly new to town, having dropped out of a different dimension only two weeks earlier. She is keeping a pretty low profile after a run-in with a east coast gang that beat her up as she was trying to help defend someone else. She wears a stylized mark of horus, put on her face by the head gang member who also wore that mark.

As she is headed back downtown she notices that someone is following her.

(Note to Anyone Reading This. I will return to finish this story)



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