Lilly Smith

Drifter arrives in Los Angeles to find some very unwelcoming vampires waiting for her


Flaws: Substance Vulnerablity: Fling 5 SP/BT Holy Relics: 10 SP/BT Fire: double normal damange Repulsion: Holy Relics Diet Restriction: Human or animal life force Command (Magically ordered to do something must make WILL check)


A Daemon’s true form changes in appearance in their Humanity rises or fall (See Below). They also take 3 extra points of damage from holy relics and flint per 10 points of Humanity over 50, and 3 points more per 10 points below 50.

A Daemon with a Humanity under 50 must make a successful Humanity Roll to see if they can use the Alter Form Edge. If this roll fails, the Daemon will stay in true form. This roll may be attempted once per twenty-four hour period


Daemons originate from another plane and are trapped permanently on Earth due to some unexplained mishap. In true form, they cannot pass for human. Most prefer to use the Alter Form Edge and hunt by subtle means, using persuasion or seduction to trap their victims.

In true form, a Daemon with an average Humanity resembles a young man or woman with reddish-tinged skin, bat’s wings, and two horns projecting from the temple. By human standards, most Daemons are quite attractive.

A Daemon’s true form changes as their Humanity increases or decreases. As the Daemon becomes more human, the horns and wings become smaller, and the reddish tinge to their skin becomes less noticeable.

The change in true form is far more dramatic as Humanity decreases. The horns become more pronounced and goat-like. The wings become larger, and the skin becomes darker. A Daemone with a Humanity of 10 or less has purple skin and the features of a goat.


My name is Lilly, short for Lilith. I don’t like to permeate the sterotype but that’s another story. My life has been spent on the road; just me and my bike “Angel.” Used to know this Crowley, thought he was really funny when he named it. I woulda punched him, but he was the best auto detailer this side of the border and we were kinda close you know; closer than I’d been to anyone in a couple of decades.

Anyways he got old and I left like I usually do, but I kept the bike. The parts have changed over the years. I’ve always tried to keep the same body though. I even went so far as to have the wings cut out and welded into the body of a new bike when my old one finally choked for good. So I’d been traveling through New York for awhile when I stopped in New York city. One night I left my bike in one of those stupid parking lots where you have to pay for parking. I was out for a walk just stretching my legs when I saw a bunch of Dracs surrounding some herd. Now I’m no saint (heh!), but I could tell that this wasn’t the need to feed driving this attack. This was showing humans what they could do; hunting for fun, not food. There are some thing I just don’t put up with, so of course I did the stupid thing and got involved. I told the head Drac to back off; told him I wasn’t going to stand by and watch him hunt for fun; told him he was no better than the humans that drug up those wild animals and hunt ‘em. He laughed and I could see his face really well for the first time. He had a tattoo around his eye. It was the Eye of Horus.

Now I was the target. I watched the herd run, but none of the Dracs followed them. They were all focused on me. The head Drac threw the first punch. After that I remember only bits. The last thing I remember is the head Drac saying, “This is what happens when you mess with Drownoth. Watch you back daemon. I’ll be coming for you.” I woke up four hours later all alone. My right eye felt like it had been shoved full of needles and it was covered with plastic wrap and a bandage. At first I thought the Drac had taken my right eye as some sort of freaky trophy. When I was finally able to roll over I saw my face in a puddle. I ripped off the makeshift bandages and saw that the Drac had marked with that stupid Eye of Horus.

I knew it wasn’t a warning. It was a promise. I knew I had to get out of New York. I’d been driving a couple of weeks when I got to L.A. Not the best play to lay low, but better than nothing. I just need to lie low until I can find a way out of this country or a way to get rid of the Drac. Either way I need some friends soon.

Lilly Smith

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